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Vehicle Inspection

High Energy X-Ray Automobile Scanner is a system designed to quickly examine passenger cars as they travel through the device.  This unique system is able to instantly detect any hint of explosives, weapons, contraband, drugs or stowaways; without harming passengers with any type of harmful radiation. 

This useful system can be used by border patrol, law enforcement, large corporations, government agencies, the military and more to determine illegal contents, even those that may be hidden deep within the vehicle in unsuspected areas.  This type of Vehicle Inspection system is the first of its kind, and is yet to be surpassed as the most effective solution for auto scanning available in today’s market. The scanner’s functions can be fully tailored to every situational security requirements, based on the collaboration between the agencies who need it and with our talented developers. We strive to provide the ultimate solution for affordable car scanning.


The High-Energy X-Ray system offers crisp image quality and infiltration to ensure safety and accuracy.  The main features are:

1 – Dual Source

2 – Dual Energy

3 – High Throughput

4 – State-of-the-art motion control


The system is designed to detect drugs, weapons, explosives and contrabands in passenger cars which include pick-ups, trucks and vans up to a certain size.


The system can be integrated with other systems to combat car theft, identity fraud and to enhance intelligence detection.  


- Customs

- Cross borders security

- Military forces security

- Road forces security

- Sensitive Sites security



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