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Cargo Inspection

The need for ports-of-call; including air, water, land and border security, has increased rapidly over the last decade.  Criminals have become smarter about hiding illegal activities. However, we have become smarter, too.  In an effort to outwit ongoing terrorist activities and wars over weapons or drugs, security measures have dramatically increased.  Pre-screening incoming goods at their point of origin is not just a convenience, it is a necessity.

Yet, we must not deter the progression of our citizens to partake in normal day-to-day activities, therefore the need for safety within international commerce and communications is necessary. Our re-locatable Cargo Inspection System provides a viable solution to counter terrorism and illegal acts, making it more difficult for criminals to get away with crossing lines.


Using High-Energy X-Ray sources, the CIS offers detailed image quality and infiltration.  The throughput is more than 25 trucks per hour, offering a streamlined means of checkpoint safety.   The main features are:

1 – Small area requirement

2 – Portable to relocate with minimum effort and within a short frame of time

3 – Practicality in terms of shielding and exclusion requirements

4 – Material differentiation


The system is designed to scan cargoes to detect stowaways, drugs, weapons, explosives and contrabands in trucks and containers.  It is able to reveal hidden compartments, making it near impossible to get past the scanner with illegal items or activities.  


The system can be integrated with other systems to combat radioactive threats, trade fraud and to enhance detection intelligence.


- Customs

- Cross borders security

- Maritime security

- Critical infrastructure security



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