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Maintenance & Support

Technical United Works Co. is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region in providing Operation and Maintenance services. The company relies on its technical crew of more than 200 engineers and technicians in various disciplines of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering to provide the best technical support and logistics services in order to achieve the highest levels of maintenance services, prolonging systems reliability and reducing operation disruptions to the minimum.

The coverage of our technical support and logistics services extends to 22 cities covering all the regions of Saudi Arabia through seven service areas in addition to three central workshops for major mechanical, electrical and electronics works in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.

Our policy in managing the operation and maintenance activities stems from our understanding of the importance of the maintenance as the key element to improve the production continuity and systems reliability in various sectors, the objectives of our Operation and Maintenance unit are:

  • Maintaining high systems' durability and minimizing sudden shutdowns.

  • Emphasizing root cause analysis for the systems failures and improving the maintenance plans accordingly.

  • Carrying out the preventive and planned maintenance works on schedule.

  • Maintaining the cost of operation and maintenance activities within the planned budgets.

  • Optimizing the spare parts consumption and controlling the inventory levels.

  • Developing the technical staff capabilities and enhancing their competencies.

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