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Vehicle Inspection

Technical United’s High-Energy X-Ray scanning system is designed to examine passenger vehicles, even those passing through the system at a high rate of speed.  This allows inspectors and operators to examine and identify weapons, explosives, contraband, drugs and stowaways without the need for manual searches. 

This unique vehicle X-Ray Scanner improves traffic flow without subjecting passengers to any radiation exposure.  We offer an unrivalled system within the industry that delivers a safe and efficient security solution.  It can be customized to the specific security needs with throughput to alleviate the use of manpower and increase the safety of the inbound destination.

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Cargo Inspection

Because of the current world we live in, new anti-terrorism measures have established a high priority need for pre-screening incoming goods at the point of origin, yet without hindering flow of traffic and growth of international commerce.

With an eye on the future progression of technologies, our re-locatable Cargo Inspection System was carefully designed to address a wide range of applications.  In fact, it solves a current need for improved travel safety; however the system also can be customized as new security problems arise. 

Made for trucks and containers, the CIS is a useful screening tool for trade fraud and weapons of mass destruction. It enhances operations and customs clearing at ports of entry, which substantially increases the utilization capability. It can be used by law enforcement, the government or military to monitor traffic and activities in cities and on highways.  The Cargo Inspection System also serves as an economic booster, simply because goods are moving faster at major ports.  Hence, the risks of illegal items travelling are considerably mitigated. 

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Vehicle Inspection   Cargo Inspection
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