Cargo Inspection Services for Assured Product Quality

What is Cargo Inspection?

Cargo Inspection is a service that helps cargo be loaded and unloaded into vessels at ports or conducts repairs on a certain ship. It requires no extra costs for paperwork issues or transportation.

Cargo Inspection is of great benefit to both companies and customers. It assures a full inspection of cargo quality before leaving the shipment yard. It secures cargo and reduces any risk of loss exposure, as no object or product is destroyed or gets harmed due to an event.

What is a cargo inspection checklist?

A cargo inspection checklist is meant for validating the shipment contents with the shipping documents. Here is a sample of a checklist:

  • Environment
  • Buildings
  • Containers
  • Electrical
  • Fire Protection Equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Hazardous products
  • Materials handling
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Pressurized Equipment
  • Production Equipment
  • Personal support equipment
  • Powered equipment
  • Storage facilities

What is MMPDS in the Freight Inspection System?

MMPDS, or multi mode passive detection system, is a safe, reliable, and totally passive scanning system which detects and identifies weapons, explosives, narcotics, and other contraband. It can provide assistance to operators with collecting tariffs and identifying cargo.

Cargo Inspections Group

Since its establishment, the Cargo Inspections Group became a leading company working at the center of worldwide shipping and exchange for more than 20 years. It could lead the market by offering inspection, review, and certification services to the oil and commodity communities.

The group has earned enough notoriety and reputation as industry pioneers for their diligence and commitment, until they managed to work with a few of the greatest names in oil and exchange.

What are the products of Cargo Inspection?

High-power X-ray examination systems for trucks and containers

The system is usually used in ports and outlets where there are lots of cargo trucks. The system helps detect illegal materials like drugs, explosives, or radioactive materials. Illegal material is usually smuggled and hidden in huge shipments.

That’s why radioactive screening systems are significant to detect any illegal material. The examination system is intended to inspect cargos or goods for illegal materials, drugs, explosives, and weapons, among other things.They can also look for hidden spots inside the cargo, making it impossible for smugglers to find a way in.

The framework of the system is reasonable for trucks in traditional customs ports, borders, seaports, and establishments. The framework also adjusts to diverse systems, set to play a compelling role in detecting and combating radioactive fabric and commercial fraud, and improves the discovery capabilities of prohibitions.

Portable Cargo & Truck Screening Systems

Portable cargo systems are usually X-ray high-power frameworks. As they are mobile systems, they can perform in a rapid and practical way to detect illegal material. These systems utilize the most recent findings in X-ray technology, electronic control, picture processing, and bolster framework to ensure maximum levels of safety and security.

The design of these Freight Inspection portable systems provides all the precautions and proper equipment to ensure the safety and security of all workers and passengers. 

They have their own control room and are also equipped with an electrical generator. They are such a stand-alone security solution for ports. They have their own wireless networking system to transmit and share images. 

An advanced cargo Inspection system for scanning cargo and detecting contraband of weapons, drugs, explosives, etc.