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FMS Hardware

Technotrade PTS Controller:

Controller knows communication protocols of a great variety of dispensers and ATG systems and allows control over any of them in a common way regardless of the brand or communication protocol used.

North Falcon ATG Probs:

North Falcon ATG probs commonly used in the fuel level control, it allows the measure of the three essential parameters: fuel level, water level on the bottom of the tank, and fuel temperature.

North Falcon ATG Probs

North Falcon ATG consoles (SIBYLLA):

North Falcon ATG consoles are intended for continious measurement of petroleum products levels (fuel and LPG), underproducts water level and temperature in tanks.

North Falcon ATG Consoles

Start Italiana Maglink LX ATG console:

Start Italiana ATG consoles are intended for continious measurement of petroleum products levels (fuel and LPG), underproducts water level and temperature in tanks.

Start Italiana  ATG console

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FUEL Management System Uses

The PTS forecourt controller connects fuel dispenser / petrol pump, fuel tanks, and ATG probs to single POS system to manage the entire gas station.

The solution presented is compatible with the requirements of service centers and the criteria for qualifying gas stations issued by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, and also meets the conditions of the electronic invoice issued by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority. The fuel station management system offers many advantages, including:

Change prices remotely and centrally.

Prices displayed on fuel dispensers / petrol pumps and price signs can be changed via Nafta CDB central system.

Continuous monitoring of fuel tanks.

The fuel level in the tanks can be monitored using the ATG Probs fuel level sensors which are connected to Nafta POS through forecourt controller and display the tank data in real time.

Issuing electronic invoices and reports.

The Nafta POS issues electronic invoices to customers and reports for the station. The Nafta CDB system reports for all stations belonging to the owner.

Fuel cards.

Customers cards can be added via Nafta Cards, which allows the customer to add credit to the card and use the card in filling operations and reviewing previous transactions. The system also allows for station management to add offers and discounts.

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Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

The system can be integrated with X-ray screening systems, facial recognition, license plate readers, road blockers and many other security technologies.

Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner automatically detects foreign object and anomalies hidden undercarriage, generates a digital fingerprint of the inspected undercarriage and identify vehicle’s make and model. IVUSTM provides security professionals with the information they need to perform a thorough and accurate security assessment—all within a matter of seconds.

Radiation and Nuclear Monitoring Systems

Pedestrian Radiation Portal Monitors (PRPMs)

In addition to Vehicles RPMs, Technical United provides pedestrian gates to detect radioactive materials, in addition to isotopes identification option in the spectroscopic version, which allow accurate examination and detection of low-energy industrial and natural radioactive sources, in addition to orphan sources. Thousands of pedestrian gates operate all over the world, confirming their advanced detection capabilities, fast response time, and continuous and reliable operation capacity around the clock. The design has been developed to control the traffic of pedestrians at the entrances or exits of security-sensitive areas. PRPMs can be configured as a single-sided or double-sided system, in which Gamma detectors are then split over the two sides. A version integrating neutron detectors is also available. This unique design contributes to the multitude of options available to suit the various common applications of this type of portals.

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Radiation and Nuclear Monitoring Systems

Vehicle Radiation Portal Monitors (VRPMs)

VRPMs allow very reliable inspection of trucks and cargo containers; which facilitates the inspection of radiological threats through border crossings and checkpoints on regional roads, in addition to areas of strategic importance such as airports, dry and sea ports. This is achieved relying on gamma- radiation and neutron detectors, which are designed using the latest detection technologies, that are subject to the highest international standards in this field, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

VRPMs are also distinguished by their ability to detect and classify various types of radioactive materials in real time, in addition to the isotopes identification option in the spectroscopic RPMs, both allowing high transit rates through the gates, and maintains the least impact on daily operations and flow of goods. Thus, it contributes to reducing traffic congestion at the gates. The radiation detection gates system – developed by leading companies in this field – also allows flexibility of design to suit the changing needs of customers, and reduce the cost of ownership.

VRPMs, also amplify the response to the defined radiation signatures and identify those with high threat standards. During the initial stages, alarm states are also designed to allow adaptation to vehicle traffic flow, and thus reduce unwanted alarms. The system is designed to enable data to be transferred to a central alarm station over secure communication networks.

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Systems and Solutions

The United Technical Works Company has a record of accomplishment of achievement, which it has achieved by committing to a well-equipped equipment, expertise and continuous studies to be fully prepared for the implementation of public and private sector projects. This is within the specified time with high levels of quality, to the approval of customers, and to suit the budgets allocated to their projects, The United Company provides several advanced systems, including:

Vehicle Inspection

High Energy X-Ray Automobile Scanner is a system designed to quickly examine passenger cars as they travel through the device.  This unique system is able to instantly detect any hint of explosives, weapons, contraband, drugs or stowaways; without harming passengers with any type of harmful radiation.

This useful system can be used by border patrol, law enforcement, large corporations, government agencies, the military and more to determine illegal contents, even those that may be hidden deep within the vehicle in unsuspected areas.  This type of Vehicle Inspection system is the first of its kind, and is yet to be surpassed as the most effective solution for auto scanning available in today’s market. The scanner’s functions can be fully tailored to every situational security requirements, based on the collaboration between the agencies who need it and with our talented developers. We strive to provide the ultimate solution for affordable car scanning.

The system is designed to detect drugs, weapons, explosives and contrabands in passenger cars which include pick-ups, trucks and vans up to a certain size.

The system can be integrated with other systems to combat car theft, identity fraud and to enhance intelligence detection.

Tracking System

Transit Tracking Systems

It is vital to know where a consignment or vehicle is on a real-time basis, for security and efficiency. Technical United is a major provider of Transit Tracking Systems, and introduced them to its range of products and services in 2015. Technical United has developed a state-of-the-art, highly customizable fleet tracking system for improved safety and security, providing a real-time monitoring solution for immediate operational decision making and optimum efficiency.

The TU SCOUT platform provides multiple map engines and the system operation is governed by highly reliable and secure communication channels through dedicated VPN networks and redundancy and failover system architecture. The highly customizable fleet tracking system offers improved safety and security, providing a real-time monitoring solution for immediate operational decision making and optimum productivity and resource utilization as well as operational cost reductions.

TU SCOUT 1000 tracking system utilizes a master tracking unit paired with up to five electronic seal units for securing and monitoring each asset.The SCOUT Tracker / E-Seal pair has multiple options for unit fixture and provides a wide range of geo-fencing, time fencing, sensing and alerting capabilities, all integrated under the SCOUT software platform which provides a complete set of configurable controls including search and filtration, automated alerts and report generation, statistics and messaging capabilities

Fuel Station Automation & Management System

Technical United addressed the need of the oil and gas companies retailing fuel to administer and manage their fuel stations remotely. Technical United offers a modular and fully scalable end-to- end fuel station automation solution for retail service stations.
Technical United is able to create a wide variety of custom-built solutions suitable for different markets, different clients and various types of stations, implementing both basic and advanced operational requirements.

The multi-function system consists of interfacing components, forming secure monitoring, tracking and reporting functions. The system provides ultimate monitoring and control over forecourt equipment, fuel transactions and resources (fuel dispensers, ATG systems, sale points and card sales) from within a single station or remotely for a network of stations.

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