Radiation and Nuclear Monitoring Systems

Radiation and Nuclear Monitoring Systems

Vehicle Radiation Portal Monitors (VRPMs)

VRPMs allow very reliable inspection of trucks and cargo containers; which facilitates the inspection of radiological threats through border crossings and checkpoints on regional roads, in addition to areas of strategic importance such as airports, dry and sea ports. This is achieved relying on gamma- radiation and neutron detectors, which are designed using the latest detection technologies, that are subject to the highest international standards in this field, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

VRPMs are also distinguished by their ability to detect and classify various types of radioactive materials in real time, in addition to the isotopes identification option in the spectroscopic RPMs, both allowing high transit rates through the gates, and maintains the least impact on daily operations and flow of goods. Thus, it contributes to reducing traffic congestion at the gates. The radiation detection gates system – developed by leading companies in this field – also allows flexibility of design to suit the changing needs of customers, and reduce the cost of ownership.

VRPMs, also amplify the response to the defined radiation signatures and identify those with high threat standards. During the initial stages, alarm states are also designed to allow adaptation to vehicle traffic flow, and thus reduce unwanted alarms. The system is designed to enable data to be transferred to a central alarm station over secure communication networks.

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