System Uses

FUEL Management System Uses

The PTS forecourt controller connects fuel dispenser / petrol pump, fuel tanks, and ATG probs to single POS system to manage the entire gas station.

The solution presented is compatible with the requirements of service centers and the criteria for qualifying gas stations issued by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, and also meets the conditions of the electronic invoice issued by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority. The fuel station management system offers many advantages, including:

Change prices remotely and centrally.

Prices displayed on fuel dispensers / petrol pumps and price signs can be changed via Nafta CDB central system.

Continuous monitoring of fuel tanks.

The fuel level in the tanks can be monitored using the ATG Probs fuel level sensors which are connected to Nafta POS through forecourt controller and display the tank data in real time.

Issuing electronic invoices and reports.

The Nafta POS issues electronic invoices to customers and reports for the station. The Nafta CDB system reports for all stations belonging to the owner.

Fuel cards.

Customers cards can be added via Nafta Cards, which allows the customer to add credit to the card and use the card in filling operations and reviewing previous transactions. The system also allows for station management to add offers and discounts.

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