Served Sectors

Served Sectors

Technical United is comprised of well qualified technical staff to spearhead the challenges in securing many industries with full compliance of local and international safety laws and standards. It undertakes public and private projects and is known to complete projects in the stipulated period with quality levels to the full satisfaction of its clients.

The company has the experience, technical capacity, manpower, expertise and business readiness to work on the following industries in KSA and in the Gulf region:

Cross-border security – Official entry and exit points to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Maritime security – Ports and marine vessels to ensure cargoes do not contain contraband, illegal substances or human cargo.

Critical infrastructure security – Sites where essential power, water and other services are needed to serve the community.

Gas and fuel stations – All types and models of fuel dispensers and storage facilities with support for automated payment systems and self-service.

Customs Authorities – All check points where transported loads and shipments are inspected. Kingdom ministries – Areas where security levels require heightened inspection methods.

Industrial zones – Entry and exit points to industrial zones where transported goods and vehicles need security checking and clearance.

Factories and production plants – Entry and exit points to factories and production plants were transported goods and vehicles need security checking and clearance.

Commercial establishments and buildings – Entry and exit points to commercial establishments and large buildings where persons and goods need security checking and clearance.

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