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Solution Development

Technical United prides itself in its ability to adapt to the needs of our customers through creative and tailored solutions. If your company has special needs or requirements that cannot be fulfilled with existing innovations, our collective experience and knowledge can apply over a decade of engineering prowess in high-energy X-Ray systems to determine a solution that is customized to your specific needs.

We do this by paying you a visit to gather more information. Our Technical and Development Teams will work diligently to collaborate with you a best solution to your requirements. We will then pool all of our existing resources to integrate various technologies that can hone in on a creative solution, even if it means working with one of our available partners who is best suited for the project.

Maintenance Service

A technical crew of more than 250 engineers and technicians work in various disciplines of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering work to provide high levels of technical support and logistics services to a broad customer base. Their professional skills enable them to offer exceptional maintenance service, essential for prolonging system reliability and reducing disruption to operations to a minimum. The coverage of the technical support and logistics services extends to all regions of Saudi Arabia through seven service areas covering all the cities and border crossing points. Central workshops have also been established for the mechanical, electrical and electronics work in Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh. Maintenance is carried out not only on Technical United products but also on any other product provided by another company.

The need to maintain the cost of operation and maintenance activities within the planned budgets is emphasized, in addition to optimizing spare parts consumption and control of the inventory levels. On- going training is key to developing technical staff capabilities and enhancing their competencies.